How to Find a Cheap Storage Unit Near You

Debbie Kuo | April 13, 2023

If your home is bursting at the seams or you’re overwhelmed with clutter, you’re not alone. One-third of Americans are struggling to fit all of their belongings in their living space. But with so many options out there, how do you find a storage space that’s affordable and convenient?If you’ve already asked yourself these 12 essential questions, here are the next four steps you need to take to find an affordable storage space: Find the Right Unit Size to Fit Your Storage Needs
  • Find the Best Storage Price
  • Check for Specials and Discounts
  • Consider the Location
Let’s dive in. Find the Right Unit Size to Fit Your Storage Needs.

Step 1 - Determine Your Storage Needs

Start by figuring out what size of storage unit you need to narrow down your search and help you find an affordable storage space. To find out, ask yourself these four questions:

1. What do you need to store?
Make a list of everything you plan to store. This includes:
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Boxes
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Be as detailed as possible. If possible, sort by size.

2. How much space do you need?
Take some measuring tape and measure the length, width, and height of all the largest items on your list.

3. What’s the total volume of your belongings?
Now that you have a list of your items and their dimensions, you can estimate the total volume (length x width x height) of your belongings.

4. Do you need a short-term or a long-term storage rental?
Consider your storage needs going forward. If you plan to store more items in the future, you might want to choose a bigger unit to avoid having to move units later down the road. If you need a temporary, or short-term, storage rental, your belongings can fit more snugly into the space.

Step 2 - Choose the Storage Unit Size

Now that you have the volume of your belongings and you know if you will need a temporary or a long-term rental, you can find the storage unit size that best suits your needs.We offer affordable storage units of all sizes.
Take a look at this chart to see if you’ll need a small, medium, or large unit:
Hayward Storage in Hayward, CA 94544

Here’s an idea of what you can fit in each size:

Small Units

5x5 or 25 sq. ft.

Small mini-storage units are a great solution for people who have limited space in their homes. They can accommodate items like sports equipment, garden tools, and boxes.

In a 5x5 storage unit, you can store:
  • A small closet's worth of belongings
  • A desk and chair
  • A few boxes
  • Instruments (You may want to look for a climate-controlled unit to protect instruments.)
  • Temporary mini-storage rentals are especially popular among college students on summer vacation.

They’re also a convenient option for accountants, lawyers, and medical offices for document storage.

Hayward Storage in Hayward, CA 94544

5x10 or 50 sq. ft.

Think of this storage unit as equivalent to a walk-in closet. Items that you can store in a 5x10 storage unit include:
  • A bed or couch
  • A bicycle or two
  • Several boxes
  • A dresser or bookshelf
  • Small kitchen appliances
This unit size is ideal for those who need a short-term storage rental for the contents of a one-bedroom or studio apartment.

Hayward Storage in Hayward, CA 94544

Medium Units

10x10 or 100 sq. ft.

A 10x10 storage unit is roughly equivalent to a small bedroom and can hold furniture from a large living room, two compact bedrooms, a small apartment, or an office. Big items that you can store in a 10x10 storage unit include:
  • A sectional sofa
  • A dining table with chairs
  • A queen-sized bed
  • A dresser or bookshelf

This unit size is the most commonly booked as a long-term storage rental and can accommodate the contents of a typical two-bedroom apartment.

Hayward Storage in Hayward, CA 94544

10x15 or 150 sq. ft.

This storage unit is a medium-sized space that can typically accommodate the contents of a one-bedroom home or apartment. Some items that can be stored in a 10x15 storage unit include:

  • A sofa set
  • A dining table with chairs
  • A king-sized bed
  • A refrigerator
  • A washing machine

While this size could fit small boats, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles, it's important to note that car and boat storage typically have specific requirements, so it's best to confirm with your facility before booking a unit for that purpose. At Cubix Storage, our facilities offer storage for your motor vehicle needs, we’re happy to help find the right unit for you.

Hayward Storage in Hayward, CA 94544

Large Units

10x20 or 200 sq. ft.

This storage unit is roughly the size of a one-car garage. It can hold the contents of a two- to three-bedroom house and works great as a long-term storage rental for small businesses. Examples of items that can be stored in a 10x20 storage unit include:
  • A large couch
  • A king-sized bed and frame
  • A dining room set
  • A refrigerator
  • A washer/dryer

This size can also store trucks, small RVs, and trailers, but as always, it’s best to confirm with the facility before booking a unit for that purpose.

Hayward Storage in Hayward, CA 94544

10x25 and 10x30 or 250-300 sq. ft.

These units can accommodate the contents of a loaded van or all the furniture from a large house, or serve as inventory storage for a business. This unit size can also fit one or two cars, a shorter boat, and multiple large appliances. Due to their larger size, these units are less common and may not be available at all storage facilities.

For additional help, you can use a visual size guide to help you choose the right unit. Tip: Keep in mind that most storage units are about 8 feet tall, so you might not be able to fit anything 2-3 feet taller than you.

Find the Best Storage Price

Now that you may have an idea of the size storage unit you need, you can start comparing the prices of different storage facilities.
Tip: Remember the apples-to-apples rule: Only compare storage unit prices with the same dimensions and amenities.
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Different unit types available. Detailed fees will appear when you choose a unit type.

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